The Journey, Part 1

There are six sessions in Part 1 of The Journey/El Camino which explore Jesus and his way of life:
  • Jesus, The Son of Mary – this session brings us into the experience of Mary. What can this say about our own openness to God?
  • Jesus the Healer – this session introduces the woman who suffered from hemorrhages for years and finally sought healing from Jesus. It sheds light on our need for healing.
  • Jesus the Merciful – this session speak of the paralyzed man brought to Jesus by his friends for healing. But Jesus changes the focus to forgiveness. It explores the mercy of God.
  • Jesus, The Giver of Grace – this session shows Jesus’ meeting with the Samaritan woman and how she opened her heart to him. It helps us see the trust we should in Christ.
  • Jesus, Son of the Father – Philip the Apostle helps us see that every act of Jesus is really showing us what God is like. We explore our owns sense of God in this session.
  • Jesus the Savior – the centurion present at the Cross when Jesus dies gives us insight into the ways salvation comes into our lives, often by insight and freedom, even in the midst of crisis.

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