Paulist Evangelization Ministries offers numerous programs, ministries, and other resources to help parishes in their evangelization missions. Many of these resources look to reach out to Inactive Catholics and Seekers looking to reignite or learn more about their faith. We also offer programs to deepen Catholic spirituality. Our Prison Ministry serves inmates across the country in a variety of ways.

Inactive Catholicsnrn

Programs such as Awakening Faith and Neighbors Reaching Neighbors help us to reach out to Catholics who for whatever reason have fallen away from the Church


Seeking Christ CoverBooks such as “Why Not Consider Becoming a Catholic?” offer those curious about Catholicism an opportunity to explore the faith. The Seeking Christ ministry provides a bridge for seekers who aren’t yet ready for the full RCIA process.

Deepening the Catholic Experience

Evangelization can’t happen without Catholics committed to understanding and spreading their faith. Living the Eucharist is a popular and effective parish-based Lenten renewal program focusing on fostering a deepening foundation in the Eucharist. The Faith Series booklets are perfect for creating small Christian communities within your parish.

Prison Ministries

Paulist Prison Ministries serves the spiritual and religious needs of Catholic inmates in our nation’s prisons, as well as other inmates seeking to know about the Catholic faith and way of life