The Journey, Part 2

There are six sessions in Part 2 of The Journey/El Camino which explore Jesus and his community:
  • Jesus, Sender of the Spirit – this session emphasizes the essential role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and gives participants and opportunity to renew their sense of the Spirit in their lives.
  • Jesus, The Gatherer – this session helps participants understand that Jesus calls everyone, and calls them into community and mission.
  • Jesus, The Leader – this session underscores the distinct kind of leadership Jesus gives and bequeaths to his Church: a leadership of humble service.
  • Jesus, the Reconciler – in this session participants see that rampant conflict can exist even among Christians and come to understand the ongoing need for reconciliation and peace-making in the community of Jesus
  • Jesus, Host of Meals – Jesus often ministered to people at table. The Eucharist is his greatest table ministry, one that continues in the heart of the Church gives it life today.
  • Jesus, Bringer of the Kingdom – Jesus’ mission was to bring about the Kingdom of God. His community, his people, live for the Kingdom, just as Jesus did.

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