Who We Are

Paulist Evangelization Ministries is an apostolic arm of the Paulist Fathers, bringing the Gospel to today’s world in innovative ways.

Reaching the Unreached in Faith

Who are the unreached in faith? They are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. Some are even sitting next to you in the pew at mass. Often they feel hesitant to speak up but would be open to a friendly invitation – which is where hope to help. There are three main groups of people we work to reach out to in our evangelization efforts. First, are Inactive Catholics, who fell away from the faith for any number of reasons. Many may still consider themselves Catholic but don’t have a parish home and thus only sporadically attend Mass. Second, are those who we call Seekers or Inquirers – seekers have fundamental questions about the meaning of human life and are open to learning more about the Catholic faith, if someone would just reach out to them in a sincere, credible, and appealing way. Third, are Catholics who while they do attend mass occasionally, lack a sense of deeper commitment or are not centered in a spirituality of discipleship. The New Evangelization seeks to inspire Catholics in a way that will bring their faith to new life.

We will help you reach them

When PEM adopted its new name and logo in 2009, PEM President Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, observed how fitting the name and logo are for our mission. “Paulist lines us up with the lineage of outreach that goes back to Fr. Isaac Hecker, the founder of the Paulist Fathers. Evangelization makes clear the purpose of our office. Ministries points to the various ways we try to move evangelization forward, through small groups, parish missions, prison ministry, the Internet, and video,” said Fr. DeSiano.

Our Resources

We offer a wide variety of resources to help your parish succeed in reaching out. We have programs aimed at Inactive Catholics and for welcoming Seekers to learn more about the Catholic faith. Neighbors Reaching Neighbors helps parishes invite both non-Catholics and Inactive Catholics to learn more about their parish family. A three-year parish renewal program called Living the Eucharist (Vive la Eucaristia), guides Catholics through a reflection on the Mass and its fundamental role in Catholic spirituality and life. Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training and The Jump-Start Kit are great resources for starting and training an evangelization team. The Faith Series booklets lead small groups on a journey of faith sharing and spiritual growth.

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Presentations and consultations. Our staff members give presentations throughout the United States and serve as consultants to dioceses and parishes seeking to carry out the evangelizing mission of Christ.