Seeking Christ Resources

Seeking Christ Inquirer’s Booklet

The Inquirer’s Booklet for Seeking Christ serves as a companion to the Seeking Christ DVD. The booklet may be used for group meetings or for individual reflection. For each session, the booklet includes these components:

  • The DVD Reflection
  • Time for Immediate Reaction (and discussion with groups)
  • Scripture Reading
  • Questions for Discussion
  • Silent Reflection
  • Prayer
  • Space for Journal Notes

Inquirers and seekers who are not part of a group may use the DVD and booklet at their own pace. We recommend that inquirers meet with parish representatives if they wish to speak about their responses with someone.

Seeking Christ DVD

The Seeking Christ DVD provides eight reflections authored by Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, that will spark reflection and discussion about faith for seekers and inquirers.

Session 1:

Seeking Christ Facilitator’s Guide and Parish Manual

These two resources allow parishes and group leaders to plan and prepare for the Seeking Christ sessions.

For more information on Small Group ministry visit our resource page here.