Evangelization and the RCIA

Are you able to welcome inquirers and seekers all year round? Do you have a way to help inquirers connect to the parish, no matter when they knock on your door?

God’s grace just doesn’t work according to our human calendars. People might knock on our door at any time to express interest in looking at our Catholic faith.  In the ideal world or parish, our initiation ministry is a year-round process where people can connect at any time. But not every parish has the resources or personnel to do this. Seeking Christ serves as an easy-to-use resource that allows parishes to welcome inquirers at any time of the year. It will help inquirers to make the transition into the RCIA, if this is the step that the inquirer chooses to take.

How can Seeking Christ help in welcoming people all year-round?
  • Start a small group with people who are interested in exploring the faith. It only takes one person to guide the group, and sessions can be scheduled at intervals that are convenient for all involved.
  • Give the DVD and the Inquirer’s Booklet to someone who expresses interest in exploring the Catholic faith. Show them how to use it, at their own pace. Most importantly, ask a parishioner to walk through the reflections with the inquirer, so that they will not judge they are being pushed off on their own.
  • With either method above, stay in touch with the parish initiation ministers so that, if an inquirer is interested in taking the next step, he or she will be able to connect with the right people and find a warm welcome in the Catholic faith.