Seeking Christ Prayer

The Seeking Christ prayer may be used by groups or individuals, for personal prayer or during the Seeking Christ sessions.

Lord, the mystery of our hearts reflects the mystery that you are.

Our longings and spiritual hungers,
Our questions and searching,
Push our hearts beyond ourselves, beyond our fragile limits.

We are seekers, Lord, whose hearts will not rest
Until they grasp a wholeness, a fullness, a truth,
That fills our lives, and our world, with meaning.

We are pulled beyond our selves, Lord,
And, in this way, we are pulled toward You:
Your word, your gracious deeds, your immense love,
Shown through all human history, but shown in a special way
In Jesus, your full revelation to us and the world.

Help us seek, Lord, with hearts open and honest,
Help us question and search as we journey through life,
Help us find the words, the images, the vision
That brings us closer to You,
Who are the truth and love of our lives.

We pray this in the Spirit you send upon all humankind,
And in Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.