Facilitating Small Groups

Group Facilitators are obviously very important to the Small Group process. It is important to find good leaders for the groups and give them training so that they feel comfortable in their position.

Qualitiesgroup leader

  • Comfortable with groups
  • Able to encourage people to speak
  • Patient with the process and time (e.g., not rushing things)
  • Able to direct conversation away from arguments
  • Able to keep the meeting on point
  • Willing to avoid gossip and commentary


  • Communicate with group members
  • Prepare by reading the material
  • Supervise the setting
  • Bring needed materials
  • Arrange for hospitality
  • Check up on missing members to see if they are OK


  • Approachable and interpersonal
  • Free from a need to dominate the conversation
  • Trained to not “tell people what to do”
  • Helping people share only appropriate information
  • Groups are not for confessing, grousing, gossiping
  • Knowing needed and reliable resources outside the group (confessors, theologians, canon lawyers, catechists, etc.)
  • Able to send in reports and evaluations