Inviting New Movers to Your Parish

We make it easy to reach people moving into your parish!

We live in a society of people constantly on the go… and constantly moving in and out of neighborhoods—and parishes! Wouldn’t it be a wonderful work of love if your parish could reach people who are moving in?

New Movers makes that possible and easy!

You subscribe to as many months as you need. Each month that you subscribe you will receive a database of people who have moved into your parish. You will be able to use that database to communicate with these people in a variety of ways:

  • Welcome them to the neighborhood
  • Let them know of your church
  • Give them ideas about your parish community
  • Invite them to visit

What you send to your new movers is up to the imagination of your parish! Some possibilities include:

  • An attractive brochure about your parish
  • A letter of introduction
  • A small gift like a Mass schedule magnet or pen with your parish information
  • A DVD with some simple presentations for people about your parish
  • An invitation to a special event

Imagine the various situations of people moving into your neighborhood. People are asking where are the local resources, what schools should they be thinking about, how does transportation work, whether they will be making new friends, and, in a particular way, what church they might attend—if they are going to go the church at all! Your message to them can make the decisive difference!

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