Sent to Serve

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Group Resources for Spiritual Growth

What is it?

Missionary Disciples are Connected Disciples! Sent to Serve draws on Scripture, Church teaching, and parishioners’ own experience of Jesus to create connected small group communities within your parish. These small groups are then “on fire” with the Spirit to evangelize and grow the community within the context of the larger parish.

How does it work?

Sent to Serve’s process starts with an engaging experiential learning activity. After this, participants read and reflect on the Gospels, the Beatitudes, or the Sacraments. Participants then view intriguing and insightful videos from preacher Rob Bell before entering the heart of the process: faith sharing with others. Each session ends with a call to action, prayer, music, and a meditation. Everything about the process is designed to examine our experiences in the light of the Gospel and to connect us to one another.


Our Catholic faith is primarily a communal experience that we share with others! When our parishioners understand that their experience of the Gospels matters, they can share those experiences with others. Then belonging to a dynamic and inclusive Church community, they are ready to reach out and evangelize others within and outside of their parishes. You will truly have a Church of joyful missionary disciples!

Explore three key areas in your parish.

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Meeting Jesus with His Followers Six sessions that help your small group know what it means to encounter Jesus through the lives of those who first followed Jesus.


Cultivating the Attitudes of Jesus Six sessions that open up basic attitudes of Christian life for your small group.


Signs that Call Us Forth Six sessions that allow small groups to deepen their understanding of the missionary dimension of the Sacraments.

These three booklets can be used in a variety of settings…

  • In-person and virtual Small Group Meetings
  • Supplemental material for Confirmation Preparation
  • Catechetical Formation

Each booklet has six sessions.

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