Catholic Discipleship Checklist

Catholic Discipleship: Spiritual Exercises and Reflections is a new book published by Paulist Evangelization Ministries concludes with a “checklist” for Catholic Missionary Disciples. To celebrate the release of this new resource, we are sharing the checklist with our newsletter subscribers. See the checklist so that you can explore the way you reveal your missionary discipleship.

Learn more about Catholic Discipleship here.

A Missionary Disciple’s Checklist

___ Prayer (morning, throughout the day, evening)

___ Reading of Scripture (daily, weekly)

___ Involvement in worship

___ Preparation for Mass (reflection, prayer)

___ Extended time in prayer (meditation, lectio divina, adoration)

___ Being attentive to family

___ Involvement in my parish

___ Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

___ Small group sharing about faith

___ Having prayer events at home

___ Being a minister in the parish, serving as a volunteer beyond the parish

___ Forming community in the parish

___ Responding to the needs of neighbors and the neighborhood

___ Assisting others with charitable giving

___ Direct involvement with serving the sick, poor, needy

___ Talking about faith with others

___ Inviting people to consider becoming believers, to worship

___ Inviting inactive Catholics to reconnect with the Church

___ Involvement with diocesan projects