Paulist Evangelization Ministries Advisory Board 2024

Paulist Members

V. Rev. Eric Andrews, CSP

V. Rev. Eric Andrews, CSP is the President of the Paulist Fathers. He began a career in media with the Muppets after graduating from NYU, and has served as pastor of St. John XXIII campus ministry at the University of Tenn., and president of Paulist Productions in California before his election to lead the Paulists in 2014.

Rev. Frank DeSiano, CSP

Rev. Frank DeSiano, CSP, has been President of PEM since 2009.  Before that, he has served as pastor twice; as president of the Paulists and then, later, as first consultor; as a consultant to the US Bishops Committee on Evangelization during which he was the main drafter of Go and Make Disciples, and as a developer for programs like Seeking Christ and Awakening Faith.  He has authored many books on spirituality, discipleship, and evangelization, and travels for parish missions and priest convocations.

Evan Cummings, CSP

Evan Cummings, CSP, is finishing his third year of theology and preparing to be ordained a deacon in September.  He hails from Layton, UT, just north of Salt Lake and has always expressed interest in evangelization and ecumenism.