Neighbor Reaching Neighbors Parish Manual

Neighbor Reaching Neighbors Parish Manual

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The Neighbors Reaching Neighbors program provides a wealth of resources to help parishes imagine and execute ways to reach out to others. The Parish Manual contains all the information you need to implement Neighbors Reaching Neighbors in your parish.

Authors: Rev. Frank DeSiano, CSP and Ryan Multer
Price: $12.95

Neighbor Reaching Neighbors Parish Manual

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Using Neighbors Reaching Neighbors

Part 1: Contents

  1. Brochures

  2. Booklets

  3. Door Hanger Bags

  4. DVDs

  5. Gift: Bookmark Ribbons

  6. Template CD

  7. Pocket Folder

Part 2:

  1. Planning Invitation What kinds of events might be adaptable for wider invitation?

  2. Mail

  3. Distribution

  4. Door to Door Visiting

  5. Internet Invitation

Part 3: Tips

Part 4: Scenarios

  1. Rural Parish

  2. Suburban Parish

  3. Urban Parish #1

  4. Urban Parish #2

  5. Your Scenario

Part 5: Follow-Up

  1. Parish Ministries

  2. Inactive Catholics

  3. Seekers


Appendix 1: Contents of the Neighbors Reaching Neighbors Template CD

Appendix 2: A Prayer for Evangelization

Appendix 3: Neighbors Reaching Neighbors process