The Spirit of Faith Participant Booklet

The Spirit of Faith Participant Booklet

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The Spirit of Faith provides discussion and sharing material for seven sessions—all of them focused on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Participants learn about how the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives. With discussion questions, prayer, and references for further reading in the U.S. Catechism for Adults, these inexpensive booklets will serve many parishioners.

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The Spirit of Faith Participant Booklet

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  • Session 1: Going Deeper - The Spirit of Wisdom

  • Session 2: Breakthroughs - The Spirit of Understanding 

  • Session 3: Connecting with Others - The Spirit of Counsel 

  • Session 4: Let God Be God - The Spirit of Fortitude 

  • Session 5: Our Solid Foundation - The Spirit of Knowledge 

  • Session 6: Through Thick and Thin - The Spirit of Fidelity 

  • Session 7: Taking God Seriously - The Spirit of Reverence