Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training (DVD and workbook)

Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training (DVD and workbook)

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Don't miss this essential tool for the New Evangelization!
For years, we have been talking about evangelization. For years, we've been talking about evangelization teams and training. Now we have something that helps us move from talking to doing!

With Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training (PCET) you can bring people through a thorough training in Catholic evangelization, from the theory to its various modes of practice. The 12 presentations, on 3 DVDs with a user-friendly workbook, will help Catholics understand fundamental Catholic ideas of evangelization, and just as importantly, grapple with the particular dimensions of evangelizing action for parishes today.

Using the videos in the DVD format will allow a committed believer to explore, at his or her own pace, dimensions of Catholic evangelization. It will allow teams to learn together, share perspectives, and develop practical actions that bring a strong Catholic invitation to people today. Beginning with an overview of Catholic ideas about evangelization, the course proceeds to aspects of planning, parish renewal, invitation and welcome, on to planning outreach to inactive Catholics and to seekers.

Realistic and concrete, the presenters help you reflect on what is possible in your parish, and how to go about organizing evangelization initiatives. Pastors, pastoral associates, parish leaders, pastoral councils, evangelization teams, seminarians-all will be enriched by these videos.

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Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training Kit

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  • Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training Kit
  • From the American religious tradition noted for evangelization: the Paulists
  • From experts who know parish life
  • For the formation of parish leaders and lay people
  • For moving parishes, pastors, and lay people forward in the New Evangelization.

    Paulist Comprehensive Evangelization Training (PCET) DVD with Participant Workbook. PCET includes a set of 3 DVDs with all twelve video sessions, which include the foundations of parish evangelization, the theory and practice of reaching inactive Catholics and seekers, and practical parish strategies for evangelization. See About PCET, below, for session topics. The package includes one workbook; additional workbooks may be purchased separately (Item 0650).

Video Modules & Objectives

  1. An Overview of Catholic Evangelization (Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, 43 mins.) To review the major concepts of evangelization and relate them to discipleship and parish To unfold the basic agenda of evangelization ministry

  2. The Reason for Mission (DeSiano, 38 mins.) To examine the “impetus” for mission in terms of the call to bring Good News to others: why is the Good News necessary and needed by humankind? To look at general issues of the unchurched and seekers and present some of the dynamics involved with Seeking Christ 

  3. Parish and Mission (DeSiano, 33 mins.) To help participants integrate the Catholic concept of parish with basic ideas of mission and evangelization To begin unfolding how an evangelizing agenda can bring focus and life to a parish

  4. Evangelizing Active Catholics (Fr. Tony Krisak, 44 mins.) To explore how Catholics see themselves as evangelized (or not) To encourage reflection about this view in a way that leads to designing appropriate ministry approaches

  5. Approaches to Inactive Catholics, Part 1: Serving Absent Catholics (DeSiano, 37 mins.) To explore some basic types of inactive Catholics To review the dynamics needed in light of the generational and social factors that come to bear on this issue

  6. Approaches to Inactive Catholics, Part 2: Serving Absent Catholics (DeSiano, 38 mins.) To present some basic approaches to serving inactive Catholics, with attention to the strengths of different methodologies and programs To explore Awakening Faith in some detail

  7. Dynamics of Welcome and Invitation in the Parish (Krisak, 40 mins.) To examine the crucial importance of welcome and invitation for the dynamic life of the parish To present specific programs like Invite as a way of looking at available resources

  8. Engaging Seekers Today – What Your Parish Does and Can Do (Krisak, 38 mins.) Building on Session 7, to examine more closely how we can engage seekers on the level of faith and meaning in their lives To review various parish ministries and suggest ways these parish ministries can be developed so that seekers may find a point of connection with Catholic faith

  9. Parish Public Relations: Techniques for the Parish (DeSiano, 37 mins.) To review the basic steps parishes can take to prepare for presenting themselves to others, particularly seekers and inactive Catholics To help a parish evaluate its print and other media materials To look briefly at pew cards, the New Movers List, and other relevant programs

  10. Parish Organization and Evangelization Teams (DeSiano, 36 mins.) To review some aspects of parish organization, pastoral and finance councils, and the place of an evangelization team in the parish To explore Issues around providing formation for evangelizations teams

  11. Home Visitation: A Direct Ministry for Reaching Out (DeSiano, 37 mins.) To examine the basic issues about home visitation To address why home visitation can be a viable ministry for Catholics today

  12. Parish Planning: Key to Active Ministry (Krisak, 38 mins.) To give some broad outlines for looking at pastoral projects for outreach To offer suggestions and strategies for outreach that will touch upon the wide range of people who are in our reach (the uncommitted, the disconnected, seekers, the disinterested, etc.

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