Dr. Lucía Murphy

Dr. Lucía Murphy, also well known as “Doctor Murph,” is the former Director of Evangelization and Special Ministries at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. In her position, she is responsible for inspiring, facilitating and supporting parish and diocesan leaders in multicultural and lay ministries to live out their faith by sharing their gifts and talents with others in their communities.

Prior to her work in the Church, Lucía motivated organizations and individuals to leverage their unique strengths and talents to create SUCCESS THAT STICKS. Dr. Murphy has a doctorate in Instructional Systems Design/Human Performance Technology from Penn State, and a Masters of Finance from Southern Methodist University. She developed her expertise from over 20 years of corporate and academic experience, both in consumer packaged goods marketing and leadership development. In academe, Lucía has taught, published and developed important thought leadership pieces for Penn State University and the University of Arkansas. On the corporate side, Lucía has made significant contributions to marketing, strategy, and human performance technology for Fortune 100 companies, including Xerox, Frito-Lay and Campbell Soup. Dr. Murphy is bilingual and bicultural as a Mexican-American.

Well known for her intelligent wit and enthusiasm, Doctor Murph has challenged her multicultural audiences to step into their genius, and has appeared on television, radio and broadcast programs. She is the author of the acclaimed book, LeaderSpeak: 7 Conversations that Create Sustainable Success. An avid runner and accomplished woman of laughter and energy, Lucía lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband and children.

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