RCIA Webinar

The Catechumenate: What is it and how can it be shaped to accomplish its goal of forming disciples, facilitating sharing, and furthering conversion?

Four free webinars: January 18th and 25th, and February 1st and 8th, all at 2:00pm Eastern

Join Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, and Ms. Heather Kinney for these four, one-hour sessions
which will provide space to look at what the Catechumenal Process is trying to accomplish
and some new formats to further that essential goal.

  • An overview of the Catechumenate (RCIA)
  • The Catechumenate and personal conversion
  • Inviting people to the Catechumenate
  • New resources for Catechumenal ministry  

We all know that we need to be serving this ministry more effectively! Here’s an opportunity to move in that direction.

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