Seeking Christ

Seeking Christ ResourcesSeeking Christ is a free resource that aims to solve the problem parishes face when people inquire about the Catholic Church, but the parish has no way to begin receiving them. Seeking Christ includes eight sessions that can be used in a variety of ways to welcome and engage people who are inquiring about becoming Catholics. The program can easily become part of a parish’s precatechumenal process. Each session involves a short video reflection, a scripture passage for discussion, and a take-home portion which allows the inquirer to see the lessons of the session applied in their life throughout the week. After an initial interview, the program offers eight possible sessions dealing with:

  • Human seeking
  • Our words and the Word of God
  • Faith
  • Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Church as the Community of Jesus
  • Freedom
  • Conversion

Depending on inquirers’ needs, a parish chooses which sessions would be most helpful.

Seeking Christ is now an online-only program. Click the links below to download the resources to use in your parish!

The videos for each session are available to watch here.

Seeking Christ