PCET Modules & Objectives

PCET Video Modules & Objectives


(1) An Overview of Catholic Evangelization (Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP)
  • To review the major concepts of evangelization and relate them to discipleship and parish
  • To unfold the basic agenda of evangelization ministry
(2) The Reason for Mission (DeSiano)
  • To examine the “impetus” for mission in terms of the call to bring Good News to others: why is the Good News necessary and needed by humankind?
  • To look at general issues of the unchurched and seekers and present some of the dynamics involved with Seeking Christ
(3) Parish and Mission (DeSiano)
  • To help participants integrate the Catholic concept of parish with basic ideas of mission and evangelization
  • To begin unfolding how an evangelizing agenda can bring focus and life to a parish
(4) Evangelizing Active Catholics (Fr. Tony Krisak)
  • To explore how Catholics see themselves as evangelized (or not)
  • To encourage reflection on this view in a way that leads to designing appropriate ministry approaches
(5) Approaches to Inactive Catholics, Part 1: Serving Absent Catholics (DeSiano)
  • To explore some basic types of inactive Catholics
  • To review the dynamics needed in light of the generational and social factors that come to bear on this issue
(6) Approaches to Inactive Catholics, Part 2: Serving Absent Catholics (DeSiano)
  • To present some basic approaches to serving inactive Catholics, with attention to the strengths of different methodologies and programs
  • To explore Awakening Faith in some detail
(7) Dynamics of Welcome and Invitation in the Parish (Krisak)
  • To examine the crucial importance of welcome and invitation for the dynamic life of the parish
  • To present specific programs like Invite as a way of looking at available resources
(8) Engaging Seekers Today – What Your Parish Does and Can Do (Krisak)
  • Building on Session 7, to examine more closely how we can engage seekers on the level of faith and meaning in their lives
  • To review various parish ministries and suggest ways these parish ministries can be developed so that seekers may find a point of connection with Catholic faith
 (9) Parish Public Relations: Techniques for the Parish (DeSiano)
  • To review the basic steps parishes can take to prepare for presenting themselves to others, particularly seekers and inactive Catholics
  • To help a parish evaluate its print and other media materials
  • To look briefly at pew cards, the New Movers Mailing List, and other relevant programs
(10) Parish Organization and Evangelization Teams (DeSiano)
  • To review some aspects of parish organization, pastoral and finance councils, and the place of an evangelization team in the parish
  • To explore issues around providing formation for evangelization teams
(11) Home Visitation: A Direct Ministry for Reaching Out (DeSiano)
  • To examine the basic issues about home visitation
  • To address why home visitation can be a viable ministry for Catholics today
(12) Parish Planning: Key to Active Ministry (Krisak)
  • To give some broad outlines for looking at pastoral projects for outreach
  • To offer suggestions and strategies for outreach that will touch upon the wide range of people who are in our reach – the uncommitted, the disconnected, seekers, the disinterested, etc.