Empowering Faith


Empowering Faith

Expand your knowledge of the Virtues

This booklet provides discussion and sharing material for seven sessions—concentrating on the three theological virtues and four cardinal virtues. Here’s a way to help parishioners understand their lives as empowered by the Holy Spirit through these basic Catholic virtues (powers) given for our spiritual lives. Parishioners will find a way to reflect on their own lives and also to reflect on broader behaviors of society. Discussion of virtues leads to conversation about moral life—how disciples of Jesus are called to behave.

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Session 1: Putting Pieces Together (Faith)

Session 2: A New Vision (Hope)

Session 3: Expanding Our Hearts (Love)

Session 4: Doing What’s Right (Justice)

Session 5: Looking Backward and Forward (Prudence)

Session 6: Being Strong (Fortitude)

Session 7: Being Focused (Temperance)