Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission


Help us Share the Joy of the Gospel!

We know what it’s like to worry about the faith of another—a family member, a friend. We wonder what we can do to help the situation. Join Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission and help the Paulist Fathers reach out to Catholics who are drifting away from the practice of their faith and those who are not part of any church.

What is Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission?

It is an association of people who work along with Paulist Evangelization Ministries (PEM) in furthering the Church’s ministry of mercy, outreach, invitation, and compassion, especially to those who are not participating actively in a community of faith.

How do Partners participate?

Click the image above to download the Partners Prayer Card!

Our partners support PEM by reaching out in compassion and love to others. This support involves: 1) prayer, 2) active ministry, and 3) financial support.

How Does a Partner in Mercy, Partner in Mission Support PEM?

  • Each Partner prays for the Church’s evangelizing mission every day;
  • Reaches out to those who are not connected to a church;
  • Donates to PEM at a level affordable to the Partner;
  • Shares with their pastor effective outreach materials to support parish evangelization efforts;
  • Encourages others to become Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission; and
  • Remembers PEM in their Wills or Trusts.

How Does the Program Work?

  1. People join Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission by making either a recurring monthly donation, or a one-time donation. Donations can be made online using the form below, or contact us at or 202.832.5022 for information on sending a donation by check.
  2. Partners send PEM the names of Catholics not active in the Catholic Church and others with no church family for whom they request prayer.
  3. Each month the Paulist Fathers celebrate a Mass for the intentions of the individuals for whom we are praying. Each month the Paulist Fathers celebrate another Mass for the intentions of our Partners.
  4. Four times a year Partners receive five copies of the Good News-letter to read themselves and to give to those they are praying for who are not active in a church.
  5. Partners who contribute at the St. Paul the Apostle level receive a 20% discount on any items offered in the PEM online stores, and Partners contributing at the Apostle level receive a 10% discount. The items purchased can help their parishes share the Gospel.
  6. Partners will automatically receive information about PEM webinars and online training for Catholic evangelization to share with their parish.

Join Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission Today!

I invite you to join Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission. As our Partner, you can participate in a prayerful, active way to reach people you care about—family members, friends, associates, and co-workers—and share the joy of the Gospel.

– Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP,
Paulist Evangelization Ministries


Yes, Fr. DeSiano, I will join Partners in Mercy, Partners in Mission and support Paulist Evangelization Ministries at one of the three levels below!

Disciple Level                                     $5-20 every month

Apostle Level                                     $21-50 every month

St. Paul the Apostle Level             $51-and above every month

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Your monthly donation will be made today and on the 25th of each following month using the payment method selected. You may cancel or change this amount at any time by emailing Paulist Evangelization Ministries at
All donations are welcome. A minimum gift of $25 is required for you to receive the Good News-letters and postcards so you can participate fully in this ministry.

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Optional: Please share the name of the person(s) not actively participating in a church for whom you would like us to pray. First names only. These names will be kept confidential.