Summer 2015 Evangelization Exchange – ETeams

Evangelization Teams

What does a successful E-Team look like?

In a way, if we can sketch an answer to this question, we can begin to debug the various factors which have kept evangelization teams from flourishing: the lack of clarity, lack of communication, the over-reaching, the exhaustion and burnout – and see our way towards a long-term ministry of evangelization in a parish.

The team will have a clear picture of the present situation of the parish, and how the parish can advance in evangelization over the next five years. This picture will eliminate fantasy ideas about the realities of the parish, thereby helping evangelization initiatives to spring from the actual parish situation.

The team will then develop some clear evangelizing overtures, spacing them out so that the efforts would not be not exhausting, and inviting broader support from members of the parish. These overtures will have:

  1. A communication aspect-speaking to the parish and its leadership;
  2. A public relations aspect-speaking to those we are inviting;
  3. A phase in which the initiative is executed, with particular emphasis on personal interaction with people; and
  4. A review phase, in which lessons, now learned, shape the next initiative.

These overtures will span a range of areas, depending on the parish, but not neglect the outreach to inactive Catholics or inviting people to consider the Catholic faith in their lives.

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