September 2014 Evangelization Exchange – Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

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The Joy of the Gospel – 
a Two Part Series

Join us for a reflective reading and discussion on the major themes of the Pope’s Encyclical. Everyone is talking about it – Pope Francis’ church-shaking encyclical on the New Evangelization.
These will be most helpful for pastors and priests, pastoral associates and catechists, evangelization team members, members of pastoral and financial councils-all in parish leadership and service.
The Pope has so many important directions for all of us-laity and clergy-in terms of living and sharing the Good News. Even if you’ve already read The Joy of the Gospel, join in on the reflections and discussion.
Living the Eucharist Webinars

What Living the Eucharist can do for Your Parish

Living the Eucharist is one of the fastest-growing, most effective, parish-based Lenten programs available. This webinar will show you how your parish can benefit from Living the Eucharist.

Sept. 23rd at 3:00pm EST and

Oct. 14th at 3:00pm EST

Best Practices for Implementing Living the Eucharist in Your Parish

This webinar will provide valuable insights to enable your parish to implement Living the Eucharist.

Oct. 2nd at 3:00pm EST