September 2014 Evangelization Exchange – Pew

Teaching the Children


The survey from Pew research on values that various groups believe they should teach their children is modestly helpful, if somewhat hard to nail down. “Conservatives” includes, of course, many Evangelical Protestants which shifts the numbers; “Liberals,” on the other hand, includes a whole bunch of folks who are not involved in church at all, which skew the numbers in another direction.

I would think for Catholics, however, teaching both religious faith and tolerance would be an ideal, rather than the “either/or” posed by the survey. Near the end of the graphs we see how different religious groups feel about teaching different values. Notably, only 25% of Catholics put “religious faith” as the most important value to pass on to their children-quite below the percentage of Evangelicals. This research only reinforces the need for putting the evangelization of families near the top of our agenda.

It’s a bit consoling, I’m sure, that all groups agree on being responsible and hard work as core values. If only we can have these applied to religious practice among our Catholic people!

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F. DeSiano