October 2016


October 2016


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Fr. Bill Edens continues reporting on his outreach to Young Adults…a two-year project he did in Portland, OR. You can see his sense of adventure and outreach…an example for us in our very frequent caution. When we look at the actual involvement of young people in church across the board boldness is what is called for. Also, don’t forget to order 20s/30s Ministry: A Guide For Parishes – it will give you clear direction for thinking about, and starting, this vital ministry.

There are just a few weeks left in the Year of Mercy. In this issue, we explore some of the “civic” directions that mercy can take in our society. Mercy, as a way of creating initiatives that change the lives of people, has a distinct role in the way we relate to each other as modern people in society-from social media, to our attitude toward prisoners. We need to think about, and communicate, mercy’s power in daily life.

Also we have information on several upcoming webinars you can register for, a presentation I gave in Grand Rapids, and some interesting data from the folks over at the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate.

Blessings as we celebrate the feast of All Saints…our common place in the Kingdom of God,<

Fr. Frank


Young Adult Evangelization & Ministry

By Fr. Bill Edens, CSP

To be a missionary among young adults in Portland, I joined them doing what they love to do: hanging out – drinking craft beers, singing in open microphone pubs, listening to homegrown Portland music, and dancing in live music venues. I would always wear my Roman collar so people would realize that the church is reaching out to them. Though not an expert dancer, I always go to the dance floor and let loose a few dance moves. People are amazed, and happy, to see this vintage white man enjoy himself by moving his body to the beat of the music. These moves just prime the pump, so I can learn the local dancing by observation and practice.

The secret I have found is to try to dance without embarrassment. Learning to dance is like learning a new language or a new ministerial skill. You have to be willing to make mistakes. You get better by learning from others, and by practicing. Inevitably people would ask “are you a real priest?” or, laughing, would say “Will you hear my confession?” And often that would lead to a conversation about Jesus Christ.

So, what have I learned about young adults in Portland? They are largely unchurched. They may believe in Jesus and talk about Scripture and prayer, but they are wary about joining a religious group. They struggle with college debt, with finding a job, with finding a place to live, and with relationships. Some are seeking admittance to grad school. They are competent in the pop culture, and can talk endlessly about movies, video games, YouTube videos, the lives of actors, and they track how the church is perceived. They have so many opportunities through Social Networking that it becomes distracting.

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The Spiritual Works of Mercy – 

Civic Mercy

By Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP

The Year of Mercy is just about ready to conclude. In Church circles, it has had quite an impact as we have considered our ministries and attitudes from the perspective of the merciful Christ. Pope Francis continues to lead the way, spelling out what Mercy looks like. He’s used words like “accompaniment,” and “loving gaze” to frame the issue. Mercy puts people first. It puts them and their burdens before it looks at catechisms and laws. Of course, the principles and values endure. But the particular context of people precedes that, and it frames the way those principles apply to the lives of people.

One way I think of the “Mercy-shift” is this: using the stance of discipleship to build bridges with people rather than to judge and exclude them. We church professionals only have to reflect on what goes through our minds when someone comes to the rectory to get a “certificate” so that she or he can be a godparent. We often see barriers much more readily than we see possibilities.

Mercy, however, also has to apply to situations beyond the Church. And perhaps we need some reflection on what mercy can contribute to our fractured American life. In an interview recently, Pope Francis referred to countries where candidates are named that no one seems crazy about; “Perhaps the society is too politicized?” he suggested – knowing full well that we are way too politicized in the United States and have experienced gridlock in our government systems for way too many years.

Let me offer some reflections on mercy in our civic life.

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Upcoming Webinars
Register today for these upcoming, free webinars! All registrants will be sent a webinar recording so even if you are unable to attend live, we encourage you to register and watch the recording at your own convenience.


Best practices to Implement Living the Eucharist,
a Transformative Lenten Ministry That Gets Results!

Tomorrow, October 19, 2016, 3:00 (ET)

Living the Eucharist was one of the best experiences of my life,” wrote one parishioner from West Hampstead, NY.

Over 1,000 parishes in 93 dioceses in the US have used this dynamic Lenten ministry. The webinar provides an overview of Living the Eucharist and 10 best practices to equip your parish to implement this ministry successfully and with confidence in Lent 2017.

Presenter: Rev. Kenneth Boyack, CSP.

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The Living the Eucharist Daily Devotionals App:
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November 2, 2016, 3:00 (ET)

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  • Find out how the Living the Eucharist app enables parishioners to become more intentional disciples of Jesus and let the light of Christ shine brightly in their lives.  

Presenter: Rev. Kenneth Boyack, CSP.

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Parish Ministry and Encounter

November 17, 2016, 3:00 (ET)

“Encounter” has become a keyword in evangelization. How can this idea help sharpen and strengthen our ministry as parish communities?

In this webinar, Fr. Frank DeSiano helps us all explore the many dimensions of encounter and how these can be amplified in our parish both for renewal…and also for stronger outreach to the large numbers of people on the periphery of our parish life. Fr. DeSiano combines larger pastoral ideas with practical approaches.

Presenter: Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP

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The Mass: The Evangelizing Liturgy

Fr. Frank recently gave a presentation at the Catholic Information Center in Grand Rapids on “The Mass: The Evangelizing Liturgy.” The talk was recorded and can be watch at the link below! We hope you enjoy and thank the CIC for sharing this recording with us.

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New resource for young adult ministry

Young Adults and the Church…

<It’s a huge topic of discussion, and also a source of great frustration. Parishes want to reach out, but they don’t know the best way, and they don’t have a model.

The new book, 20s/30s Ministry: A Guide for Parishes, is just the tool you need. Practical, specific, clarifying – this book can guide a parish into beginning and growing a ministry to young adults. Written in the direct, knowing, and clear style of Fr. Nicholas Lombardo, OP, from his own broad experience in Young Adult Ministry, this book can help parishes zero in on basic approaches to this ministry that will work.

Doing this ministry is absolutely necessary today and we hope this book, Co-published with Paulist Press, will help you and your parish as you grow your young adult groups!

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The Sacraments Today/td>


In 2008, CARA released results from a survey that measured a variety of different beliefs and practices among U.S. adult Catholics. Now, eight years later CARA has replicated some of these questions in a new project about religion and science. This post details the demographic, Catholic background, and religious practice changes we can identify during this period (…more on religion and science in the near future). We also include results for a few new belief related questions that weren’t asked in 2008. The new survey includes interviews with 1,010 randomly selected U.S. adults who self-identified their religion as Catholic (margin of sampling error of ±3.1 percentage points). The poll was conducted May 16 to 26, 2016 and was made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

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Have you started The Journey?

Now is the perfect time to bring The Journey to your parish!

The Journey/El Camino is our newest resource! It is designed to help Catholics today deepen their personal relationship with Christ – it’s a simple and direct way to encounter Jesus in our lives.

The Journey is perfect for faith-sharing groups and there are many ways it can help your parish today!

In Part 1* each session focuses on the link between our lives and Jesus’ life. Participants read from a selected Scripture passage and then watch a powerful video produced by the award winning Outside da’ Box. In the videos we see how the issues that were affecting those who Jesus healed and ministered to, are not so different from the ones we face today.

Mix and match the components of The Journey to best fit your parish’s needs:

  • Faith-sharing small group materials for adults in English and Spanish
  • Small group materials for youth in English
  • Daily Devotional for participants and parish-wide use
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  • Prayer Cards

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Parts 2 and 3 coming Fall 2016


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