October 2014 Evangelization Exchange – Boston Pilot

Encountering the Living God

Our friends at The Boston Pilot have a wonderful write-up about our newest book, Encountering the Living God – A Journal of Prayer and Discovery by David Thorp:

0315 “David Thorp, who passed away in 2011 after three decades of service to Catholics in Boston, left written reflections that have been compiled into a new book. Friends and family say the book, “Encountering the Living God: A Journal of Prayer and Discovery,” continues his legacy of encouraging others to draw closer to their Creator.

Over the years, David Thorp served as the director of the Catholics Come Home campaign, director of the Office for Evangelization and the liaison to the Charismatic Renewal community. For a little less than a year, he was the Director of Faith Formation at Holy Family Parish in Concord; the church has hosted several memorial lectures since David Thorp’s death. He also wrote for several publications, including The Pilot.”