March 2014 Evangelization Exchange – Resources


  • Sharing the Faith that You Love by John and Therese Boucher (Word Among Us Press)

The Bouchers are no strangers to the world of evangelization. In this book they give us some basic behaviors, accessible to every believer, to help us become more effective and active in sharing faith. From prayer, to compassion, to conversation, to invitation, John and Therese build upon basic human, relational, and faith instincts, making evangelization accessible for people today. Find out more.


  • Faith and Unbelief by Stephen Bullivant (Paulist Press)

We hear so much about atheism and the “new atheism.” Those who work with younger generations might even hear young adults declare themselves as atheists. What do believers make of all this? Stephen Bullivant, a young Ph.D. from Oxford and professor at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, has spent a lot of time thinking about faith and searching for it in the rarefied halls of Oxford. In this book, he accessibly explores dimensions of both faith and atheism, easing a nuanced and more profound conversation between these two worlds. View it here.