January 2013

January 2013
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We are changing the format of Evangelization Exchange, to make it leaner and hopefully more to the point. We are all being bombarded with millions of words rushing down our Ethernet wires. I hope this format proves useful to you.

A Year of Luke
Frank DeSiano, CSP

In Advent we started the lectionary cycle featuring the Gospel of Luke. This will prove to be a very helpful contribution to raising the consciousness of evangelization-stewardship-discipleship in our congregations. In proposition 26, the Synod for the New Evangelization said: “The bishops gathered in Synod affirm that the parish continues to be the primary presence of the Church in neighborhoods, the place and instrument of Christian life, which is able to offer opportunities for dialogue among men, for listening to and announcing the Word of God, for organic catechesis, for training in charity, for prayer, adoration and joyous eucharistic celebrations.”  Nice little description of a parish.

St. Luke’s powerful statements of compassion, forgiveness, and generous charity will give all preacher, educators, and spiritual leaders an opportunity to underscore the truth that, without generous and abundant charity, we don’t have much of a Gospel to preach.


Carl Huber – St. Katherine Drexel (Frederick, MD)

I was recently baptized into the Christian faith at St. Katharine Drexel, so recently that I guess you might say I’m still a little wet behind the ears.

I have been asked to reflect upon the experience of this year’s catechumens as well as something of my own personal faith journey.  In terms of my own journey, I’ll not go into too much of the detail of how I went  from proud atheism to humble Christian baptism, but I’ll reflect some on two questions I have recently been asked: why Christian, and why Catholic?

I believe I can make the claim for all the Catechumens that this year has been one of growth and discovery, just as surely for the sponsors as it has been for the catechumens ourselves.

Together we have examined scripture, catechism, and conscience. We’ve looked deeply into the church, and questioned ardently and honestly, often challenging our leaders, teachers, and mentors who met us at times with profound dissertation on the history, mythology, poetry and imagery of the bible, and at other times just with the simple truth, “I don’t know, it’s a mystery!”

Deacon Dennis Dolan

Deacon Denis Dolan, prison chaplain in Connecticut, likes to get things down to one line. Here’s his take on ONE LINE that captures evangelization for him:

The Power of a Single, Clear Idea:  Establishing an Evangelization Tagline in The Parish

I am a big fan of “one liners”. These single sentences are portable and can serve as a concrete baseline for our efforts to make Evangelization an understood and acted upon reality of our Catholic practice by all parishioners. Advertisers know the value of an often repeated, well crafted, single phrase. Shouldn’t we?

A “one liner” is a single sentence that can be constantly put before the people in various ways letting them absorb it and letting it renew them. A single summary sentence of the mission of evangelization that can demystify and make approachable for the people in the pews, what we know is a “complex process” (EN 24).

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Growth of the “nones” slows
Since 2008 the number of Americans who do not identify with a particular religion has been growing at a rate of 1% per year. A new Gallup poll reveals in 2012 the “nones” only grew by 0.3%. This could imply the number of religious unaffiliated is leveling off.
Awakening Faith

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