February 2013 Evangelization Exchange – Huber

Conversion Story, Part 2

Carl Huber – St. Katherine Drexel (Frederick, MD)

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Which brings up the second question: Why Catholic?

Conversion StoryI don’t have to recite the litany of everything wrong with the management line in this organization! We know it all too well, but let’s be honest, it does raise a good question, especially for those choosing to enter into a faith community, “Why would anyone join such an organization?”

I heard a statistic just last week, that there were 1084 Catechumens entering the Catholic church in the Baltimore diocese alone. So I could fall back on the question, could 1084 people possibly all be wrong? Well, the answer, of course, is emphatically Yes! We’ll have to do better than that!

However, from what I have heard through my own participation with this RCIA group, the answer to my own question, Why Catholic, is very similar to that of all the others, and I would bet for all 1084 of us as well.

And the answer is not a thousand people, but one. For each and every one of us, just one person provides the answer, and mine is Leah. Leah has lived the Christian life. She has taught me what love is. She has forgiven when there is no good reason to forgive, just as Jesus once did. Leah is Christian, and Leah is Catholic. And that all by itself, is answer enough. But wait, there’s more. Leah’s family of origin. There’s Jack and MaryJane, Mitch, who is also now my Godfather, and not because I asked him to kill someone for me, Elizabeth, Mary, Laura, Steve, and Mark, many of whom are here tonight, from as far away as Canada, and this is just one example of the kind of statement they make as a family. They have also shown me what love is, and what forgiveness is, and how to live a Christian life. And, they are Catholic. And that’s as good an answer as anyone can ask for. But wait, once again, there’s you. You who have gathered here tonight in His name. You who are Gus and Tillie, Irene, Nancy, Joe and Gloria, Tim, Kathy, Bob, Marilyn and John, and Margaret, and too many others to name, who are here every week for Mass, about every other week for TGIF. And you are Catholic. And there are millions of others, all over the world, gathering together in His name, and bringing him down through the ages in perpetual life.

Okay, I’m here because of you, I have chosen Catholic because of you, all of you, and a thousand other people have chosen Catholic this year, each because of just one, and because of you, and I want you to be reminded that you are the true leaders of the church, you are the church, you are the body of Christ, and in spite of the nearly comical yet tragic antics of those who would be leaders, tonight, because of you, I am pleased to be able to say, “We are the body of Christ.” And yes, we have things to do.