Christmas 2013



December 2013
Dear Friend,

All of us here in Washington, DC, extend to you our prayers for ever deeper joy as we proclaim Jesus Christ to the world.

As our culture goes crazy with its business model of “the holidays,” it creates for us an opportunity to reflect on the real hopes that people have, expressed even through the commercial pall of parties and sales.

Good cheer. Peace. Joy. Family gatherings.  Generosity toward others. Dreams. Desires for a better world. We just cannot hide, even with all the seasonal banter, those deep longings that lie inside every human heart.

This is the heart to which God speaks, fully and completely, in Jesus. This is the heart that God would touch with the Holy Spirit. This is the heart to which our Good News-A Child born in Bethlehem, A Risen Christ has appeared to Mary-speaks, proclaiming that God has not abandoned us, that divine love encompasses every moment, and that our lives find their fullest meaning in that divine love.

We pray that this season will be one of renewal for all our friends-time to get away, to reflect, to sing, to spend moments in prayer, to embrace those we love. We pray that, as servants of the Gospel and evangelizers, our own spirit will be re-energized by the grace of Christmas. We pray that our desire to spread God’s love will brings us profound inner joy.

Christmas leads to Epiphany, that light shining from Bethlehem upon the whole world. The beam of that light, experienced by seekers in ancient times, continues its glow until it reaches the seekers of every era, and particularly the seekers of today.

May we open our hearts to those who long for God, and my the doors of our churches be opened wide to embrace those who come to glimpse a newborn Child and grasp God’s vision of hope.

Sincerely in Christ,

Frank DeSiano, CSP, and the PEM Staff

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