May 2012


May 2012

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Pentecost FirePentecost now approaches, reminding us how much we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, the primary evangelizer in our mission to spread the Good News. How does the Holy Spirit come to life in our prayer, our worship, our witness to the world? Even though the sound of our Easter “Alleluia’s” may seem to dim as we approach the end of the season, the enthusiasm we share for the faith and for reaching out cannot dim. The stories below include some examples of lights burning brightly. In big and small ways we can reach out to those who are alienated, unconnected, or searching for meaning in their life.

At Paulist Evangelization Ministries, we also want to help parishes establish teams for the new evangelization.

Sincerely, Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

A Chicago Initiative
Sr. Madge Karecki of the Archdiocese of Chicago explains the diocesan-wide plans that the archdiocese has for helping Catholics become more committed to the mission of evangelizationRead this article.
Martha Fernandez

Drawing on Disciples Called to Witness (USCCB), Martha Fernández-Sardina speaks about the need to form a culture of witness among Catholics. Read Martha’s article.
Michael Briese

Washington pastor Fr. Michael Briese shows how important it is for our evangelization efforts to be focused on personal relationships, with Christ and with the community. Read more about this.

Recalling how the Spirit of Pentecost stirred the disciples, Fr. Tom Ryan, CSP, reflects on what the Spirit means for our commitment to discipleship. Read what Fr. Tom has to say.

With this issue’s reflections on the Bishops’ document for the new evangelization, John Boucher’s handout will help small groups to reflect on being witnesses with our lives and words. Download the handout.

Fr. Bob Barron looks at this question and adds, “What can be done about it? He also looks at the suggesting of doing “exit” interviews.  Read Fr. Barron’s suggestions.

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