February 2012 Evangelization Exchange – Boucher

2011 Christmas Carol Festival Impacts
Evangelization in 2012

by John Boucher

JohnBoucher2011Between 5,500-5,600 children, youth, and adults gathered in 19 area parishes for the 2011 “Christmas Carol Festival,” which has grown each year since its inception in 2007. In 2009, the total participants in the Festival were 1,500. Thus, 2011 showed a growth of 266% in two years. The Monitor, newspaper and website of the Catholic diocese, provided over 6,000 newsprint sized four-page carol lyric sheets to parishes for free. For the first time ever, more than 75% of parishes provided follow-up for participants with invitations for events around Christmas as well as into the new year: “Three Kings” and “Little Christmas” celebrations, “Mardi Gras,” “Jesus in January,” various parish adult faith formation programs, “Living the Eucharist,” “Wafer Suppers,” family religious education programs, “Catholics Returning Home,” and parish retreats. Christmas can indeed last the whole year!

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