February 2012


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February 2012

Family therapist and Jewish Rabbi Edwin Friedman observed in his posthumously published book,A Failure of Nerve, that “People can’t hear you unless they are moving toward you, which means that as long as you are in a pursuing or rescuing position, your message will never catch up, no matter how eloquently or repeatedly you articulate your ideas.” This observation offers a challenge to those who know the Catholic faith but who rely on strictly Catholic language when seeking to share that faith with those for whom the Catholic faith is foreign.  Do we need a “new” language to appeal to seekers? Yes, successful efforts to reach out to seekers and those who are marginalized rely on an ability to speak about faith in a language that appeals to the cultural and human questions and longings so many have in this contemporary age. This is an important part of our ministry of reaching out at Paulist Evangelization Ministries. 
Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Evangelization Teams, Part V

Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, continues to explore how evangelization teams can work effectively by helping teams to face the problem of being overwhelmed.

Training for Easter (Entrenada para la Pascua)

As Lent approaches, Magdalena Gutierrez talks about some of the ways evangelizers prepare for Easter. Read in Spanish.

Forming Teens and Finding Solutions

Amy Hoyer of St. Patrick Parish in Cedar Falls, Iowa, describes how they have kept teens engaged with and connected to parish life.  

Pilgrimage of Truth and Peace in Assisi

Fr. Tom Ryan, CSP, shares his experience of dialogue, reflection and prayer with inter-religious groups in Assisi.

Amazing God in the Diocese of Albany

Jeanne Schrempf provides a picture of the three-year plan for evangelization and renewal in her diocese. 

Why Are Jesus and Religion Like Two Peas in a Pod?

With characteristics insight, Fr. Robert Barron explains why he could be both an ally and an opponent of a popular rapper who critiques religious practice. 

Advisory Board Members Share Vision

Following the annual meeting of the PEM Advisory Board, some members share their thoughts on what evangelization may look like in the next two years. 

Christmas Lasts All Year

Based on his experience with the Christmas Festival in the Diocese of Trenton, John Boucher shows how it has a lasting impact on evangelization efforts throughout the year and beyond.


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Parishes across the United States talk about the effectiveness of Awakening Faith: Reconnecting with Your Catholic Faith for helping Catholics awaken a faith that is deep in their hearts.  We know that many Catholics do not practice regularly—not because they have no faith, but because of a lack of priorities.

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