April 2012


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April 2012

With the initiation of adults that so many of us witnessed at the Easter Vigil, we recognize how significant and vital it is for us to live as disciples of Christ. Hopefully, Catholic parishioners will take time during this Easter season to get to know the neophytes in our midst and help them become more deeply connected to the Catholic faith community.
Some might be tempted to think that, with the initiation process complete, we can take a break from welcoming and reaching out to newcomers, seekers, and inquirers. Yet, our mission cannot come to a halt. We pray that you will remain enthusiastic in your efforts at evangelization. We continue to provide resources and training that will help you with this, many of them mentioned below, like Seeking Christ, our online courses in April, and upcoming (free) webinars.
Send us your own stories of evangelization so that we can share with others the many opportunities we have to reach those who have not yet heard the Good News. God’s blessings to you in these Fifty Days of Easter!
Joyfully, Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

With Part 7 in his series on evangelization teams, Fr. Frank DeSiano speaks about what a successful parish evangelization team might look like. He discusses some of the attitudes and organizational issues that help to prevent frustration and burnout. Read this article.

With the Eyes of Faith

Magdalena Gutierrez addresses what a difference it makes when we look around us with the eyes of Easter faith. Read Maggie’s article in English. Or in Spanish.

Paulist Father Tom Ryan remarks on his surprise that the audience for a presentation included no one under the age of 55.  He then goes on to consider the spiritual traits of today’ millennial and suggest the need for some new approaches. Read what Fr. Tom has to say.
Terry ModicaHandout: Baptized and Empowered

What better time to reflect on our baptismal promises than during the Easter season!  Terry Modica provides us with a way to reflect on and/or discuss what our baptism means.  Download the handout. 
Steps to FaithSynopsis: Ten Steps to the Catholic Faith

Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, has written ten reflections on the Catholic faith, now posted in blog format for your viewing and commenting. Read the synopsis of these ten steps.
Mel BlanchetteThe Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Fr. Mel Blanchette, former Rector of Theological College at Catholic University, provides spiritual and pastoral insights about taking seriously how our human experience has been imbued with God’s holiness. Read more about God’s relationship with us. 

Featured Resource:


We are now welcoming neophytes!

What will happen if an inquirer shows up now?

Seeking Christ provides a way for parishes to welcome inquirers all year round, especially if the parish does not have a year-round catechumenate. The Inquirer’s Booklet provides seekers with an individual journal that helps them to think about the reflections on the Seeking Christ DVD.

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