September 2011


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September 2011

Ideally, Catholics would be so filled with faith that their actions and witness in the world would provide credible and compelling evidence of how rich the faith can be and how faith can frame our lives in a positive and meaningful way.   But we just cannot get around the words that provide us with meaning and help us to dialogue with others. This is why Paulist Evangelization Ministries is giving special focus on how we talk about faith and how we explain to others why we believe. The aim is to help Catholics talk about their faith in ways that will reach those who are seeking meaning in their lives. Hope you will consider joining us for our online course, Faith That Engages, described below. Later, in November, Fr. Frank DeSiano will follow up with Why Not Become Catholic?


Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Waiting for an Encounter with Christ (Magdalena Gutierrez)

With Teresa, the Director of Religious Education in a parish with a 90% Hispanic population, I recently gave a two-hour workshop to a group of catechists in Maryland. This was Teresa’s invitation to me: “Maggie, my catechists have long complained that they need new ways to carry out the class, but I would like you to talk to them about prayer…read more in English or in Spanish

Evangelization Teams, Part 2: How Do We Sustain Them (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

If a parish has the great grace and fortune to be able to begin an evangelization team, pretty soon an even larger problem emerges—how do we sustain the team over time? I have seen this happen in many parishes—eight or ten people get into the issues of evangelization, meet, reflect, and begin evangelization initiatives. After about six months… read more

Planning for Evangelization (Michael Ward)

Ordained a permanent deacon just over a year ago, a constant question for me has been how to best serve the Church of Jesus Christ, the people of God, His Body…both at our parishes and at large. There is much that makes it a difficult time to discern good answers to such questions… read more

United for Change: Eavesdropping on Muslims (Tom Ryan, CSP)

United For Change is an organization that was created to galvanize the Muslim leadership in North America to take on issues that are too large for any one individual leader, organization or group to effectively address. Founded three years ago, it’s first conference in Washington, DC… read more

Prayer Handout: Calling to Ministry (Ralph and Terry Modica)

This booklet-form prayer service, provided by Terry and Ralph Modica, will help you call others to ministry in a prayerful setting… Download the handout 

Anger and Forgiveness: Remembering 9/11 (Rev. Robert Barron)

The tenth anniversary of September 11th, 2001 fell on a Sunday and, providentially, the readings proposed for the Catholic liturgy that day have to do with forgiveness. This interesting confluence provides the occasion for reflecting on this complex and oft-misunderstood spiritual act… read more

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Reach out to seekers and build up your RCIA/Inquiry Sessions with Invite! Ask Someone to Explore the Catholic Faith. Item 1050, the Parish Starter Kit helps Catholics invite the unchurched to consider the Catholic faith, includes 50 Come and See invitations, 50 Parishioner Guides, one Parish Manual, the Invite! Display Poster with attachable pocket, and Yes, I Can Believe by Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP.

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