June-July 2011


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June-July 2011

Though the summer months provide time for rest and vacations, our mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ remains urgent. Perhaps these times of pause in our busy schedules can serve to remind us that expressing and living our faith can be a joy-filled experience, inasmuch as the faith we embrace brings us the joy that Christ prayed would become complete in our lives. When the faith flows from enthusiastic hearts and spirits centered in Christ, sharing the faith is no longer a burden but rather an activity that springs from who we are, disciples in Christ. With Maggie Gutierrez wring about grace and Tom Ryan, CSP, speaking about the Holy Spirit, we find that God’s presence can pervade our lives even in the midst of ordinariness. 
Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Grace is Given to Each of Us! (Magdalena Gutierrez)

I know how hard it could be for a Catholic evangelizer to mingle in social situations. I was recently at a picnic meeting new people, listening carefully, trying to remember their names! As expected, someone asked “what do you do?” I knew my answer would have consequences, so I pondered… read more in English or in Spanish

Apples and Oranges (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

Let’s face it, Catholics almost always come off looking poorly, particularly when compared with congregations that have an intense and focused identity, such as Evangelical or Pentecostal Protestants. By almost any standard, comparing these two groups yields dismaying results for Catholics (and, probably for mainline Protestants, too)… read more

Diocese of Santa Fe Sponsors Awakening Faith

In the last year, the Diocese of Santa Fe has made a concerted effort to reach inactive Catholics through public efforts to connect with people through Awakening Faith, a program for helping Catholics to reconnect, published by Paulist Evangelization Ministries… read more

Pentecostal Revival and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Tom Ryan, CSP)

Christians around the world have recently celebrated the feast of Pentecost, and for most, after the Easter season, it is now back to “Ordinary Time.” But for those Christians who call themselves Pentecostals, there is no “ordinary time”… read more

Handout: Team Coordination (Terry Modica)

In the U.S. Coast Guard, there’s a program call Team Coordination Training (TCT), which focuses on reducing the probability for shipwrecks by increasing individual and team effectiveness. USCG mishap data suggests that while technical skills are an essential component of any job, they alone will not ensure safety and the success of any mission… Download the handout

Really, Truly, Substantially Present (Rev. Robert Barron)

Recently I gave an address at the annual Atlanta Eucharistic Congress, which is one of the most impressive gatherings in the American Catholic Church. Roughly 30,000 people came together, on the eve of the feast of Corpus Christ, to celebrate the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist… read more

Learning from Geese (Bishop Lumen Monteiro, CS)

We can learn a lot from geese. For example, most of you may probably know that when geese fly they fly in a “V’ formation. But have you ever wondered why?… read more


Featured Resource


Many people ask us “How do we start evangelization in our parish?” Here is the answer, Jump Start: A Basic Evangelization Kit! This starter kit includes ten booklets, a DVD with six sessions, and several resources to help your parish get started. Also included is The Evangelizing Catholic, Go and Make Disciples, On Evangelization in the Modern World (full text and summary), and Mission of the Redeemer. These resources will help you form and organize a parish evangelization team.

In a recent survey of 56 parishes who conducted Awakening Faith, 87% of respondents said that the program was easy to implement. Yet, only 58% said it was easy to recruit parishioners to help, and a mere 30% said it was easy to invite inactive Catholics to participate. What makes inviting so difficult? The August issue of Evangelization Exchange will focus on issues regarding inactive and disconnected Catholics.  Let us know how you are doing by writing to online@pemdc.org.

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