Christmas 2011


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Christmas 2011

Our Christmas assemblies seem to swell with newcomers, visitors, family members, and others just interested in what the season is all about. What a marvelous opportunity for us to reach out with the hospitable love of God to those who gather with us! Do we warmly welcome everyone? Do we celebrate and pray in a way that will engage everyone and help them to hear God’s invitation to share in the richness of God’s own life? Our hymns, prayers, environment, preaching,and behaviors can be obstacles or bridges to a connection with God through the Christ whose birth we celebrate. We pray at Paulist Evangelization Ministries that you will be blessed by the mystery of God deepening in your hearts the gift of God’s own Son. And we pray that you will give witness to that gift by the way you reach out to everyone, both at Christmas time and through the new year.


Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Evangelization Teams, Part 4: Can They Work? (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

Burn out. Now here’s a real organizational issue that affects evangelization teams. It usually happens this way. Fine and enthusiastic Catholics have spent quality time studying the original documents and assessing their parish… read more

Evangelizers Wanted (Magdalena Gutierrez)

The Catholic Church is seeking to continue the mission of Christ, the Son of God and increase the world’s population capacity to experience God’s life within them. Our dynamic organization has been in the global community for over a thousand years. Read in English or Read in Spanish

The Lights of Christmas (Tom Ryan, CSP)

The theme of light in the darkness is at the heart not only of the feast of the nativity of Jesus but of the determination of the date as well. The primitive church seems to have had little interest in the date or circumstances of Jesus’ birth… read more

A Word on Pew Cards (Bill Griffin, CXF)

I think the best part of using the cards is that it showed more life in the parish, a sense of hospitality and reaching out to visitors as well as parishioners, inviting dialogue and feedback.  Definitely a plus… read more

Why We Should Welcome the New Roman Missal (Rev. Robert Barron)

With the beginning of Advent 2011, Catholics in this country noticed a rather significant change when they come to Mass. Commencing the first Sunday of Advent, the Church… read more

Handout: Words of Christmas, Reflection for Reaching Out (Tony Krisak)

In light of Fr. Barron’s reflection , the attached handout reflects on two key words for Christmas: consubstantial and incarnate. The handout may be used for individual or small group reflection… Download the Handout

Book Review of Christian Smith, From Evangelical to Catholic (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

Christian Smith makes his living being a sociologist, so he acknowledges, in the introduction, that this is a different kind of book for him. Basically it fits into an old and venerable genre of religious literature… read more

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There is still time for your parish to participate in Living the Eucharist in Lent 2012. Find out more about this parish renewal program that will deepen participation in the Mass and help Catholic parishioners to become more committed to reaching out.
Pope Benedict’s recent words to the bishops of New Zealand have meaning for us all, spread across many regions and nations:
“I have had this opportunity to discuss with you the new evangelization, I do so mindful of the recently proclaimed Year of Faith, which ‘is intended to give a fresh impetus to the mission of the whole Church to lead human beings out of the wilderness in which they find themselves’. May this privileged time serve as an inspiration as you join the entire Church in the ongoing efforts of the new evangelization, for although you are spread among many islands and we are separated by great distances, together we profess ‘one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all.”

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