August 2011


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August 2011

Our mission of evangelization often seems like a daunting task. There is so much to be done, and sometimes the “work” can appear overwhelming. We hope this is not the case for our readers. Paulist Evangelization Ministries seeks to provide resources so that Catholics everywhere can learn how to reach out to those who are inactive and those who are seeking for some meaning in their lives. Though it is a large task, it is accomplished brick by brick, little steps by little steps. There is no Catholic that cannot help to take one of these small steps and, in the process, bring our mission of evangelization to life.


Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Evangelization Teams, Part 1: Can They Work? (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

One of the many unfulfilled visions of “Go and Make Disciples” concerns the failure of most parishes and dioceses to develop effective evangelization teams. Around the early 90s, just after “Go and Make Disciples” was promulgated, some dioceses made a concerted effort to organize evangelization teams in almost all their parishes; most, however, did not… read more

What Do World Youth Day, The New Evangelization, and You Have In Common? (Martha Fernández)

This past August 21, some two million young people gathered for the closing Mass of World Youth Day XXVI in Madrid, Spain, in an open field drenched with rain the night before, after a mostly sleepless night of dancing and singing that followed a reverent yet storm-threatened Prayer Vigil led by an 84-year old Pope. Why do they gather?… read more

Why Do they Reconnect? (Tony Krisak, ed.)

Fr. Tony Krisak of Paulist Evangelization Ministries spoke with a number of formerly inactive Catholics to learn why they re-connected. What drew then to reconnect or return? Were they invited in some way?… read more

Reconnecting Catholics: What Are the Issues? (Deacon Ron Diem)

St. Gregory the Great Parish in San Diego conducted Awakening Faith three times over the past few years and had five different groups. We reached about forty Catholic who were inactive or disconnected and 75% of those participants were ready to worship with us and participate in the life of the parish… read more

Handout: How to Develop an Outreach Program (Terry Modica)

With this four page handout, Terry Modica provides some basic steps for outreach that include preparing the parish for home visitation ministry and ministry to inactive Catholics who wish to re-activate their faith… Download the handout

A “No” to a “No” is a “Yes” (Rev. Robert Barron)

One of the commonest complaints against Catholicism is that it is the religion of “no,” especially in regard to the sexual dimension of life. As the rest of the culture is moving in a progressively more permissive direction, the church seems to represent a crabbed, puritanical negativity toward sexuality. I think it is important… read more

Handout: Christian Witness in a Multicultural World

Mission belongs to the very being of the church. Proclaiming the word of God and witnessing to the world is essential for every Christian. At the same time, it is necessary to do so according to gospel principles, with full respect and love for all human beings… Download the Handout

Featured Resource


The Parish Starter Kit for Living the Eucharist has everything you need to launch Living the Eucharist in your parish. The kit includes videos, invitational materials, participant booklets, leader guides, family activity booklets, individual catechetical and devotional materials, and leadership team manual. All materials are available in English and Spanish. Order the kit now.

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