April 2011


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April 2011

With this issue of Evangelization Exchange, all of us at Paulist Evangelization Ministries wish you the fullest of God’s blessings in your life and ministry, throughout these great Fifty Days of Easter and beyond. It seems that each day, even in this Easter season, we hear stories of pain, tragedy, and violence. Some seem to question whether God is punishing us, but those of us who share the faith in Jesus Christ know that we are only facing the cost of what it means to live a fully human life. In faith we have the capacity to face hardship with the hope of the resurrection, even if at times we find ourselves sad and mourning, much like Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus. This may be just the right time to reach out to those who are struggling and hurting because they do not yet know the beauty of the faith we share. Let us move forward in this mission of evangelization with courage, hope, and creativity, in the spirit of Easter. 
Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

The Surprising Triumph of Love (Magdelena Gutierrez)

I love surprises. Several years ago my coworkers organized a surprise party for me. I was shocked. First off, I am very observant and I never miss a thing. Secondly, for the first time in my own house…read more in english or en espanol

The Gospel in a Secular World, Part 7 (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

In this final reflection on secularity, I focus on what a very different world we believers now live in, and how carefully we have to be in speaking to this “new” world. Because our world assumes less and less the things that believers assume… read more

. . . but Catholics don’t DO that! (Mary Joan Torres)

At St. Helen Parish we have a very active evangelization team. We study books, read articles, and generally nose around for any new ideas which might help us be more effective in our ministry. Recently we were fascinated to read an article which detailed a door-to-door effort… read more

This and That: the Touch of God (Dr. Jack Buchner)

Often we gather for parish meetings and discuss what we are going to do for God’s honor and glory. This is necessary and commendable. However, the first order of business for any parish is not what we are going to do for God, but, the discernment of what Christ is doing for us… read more

What Makes a Saint a Saint? (Rev. Robert Barron)

As the date of John Paul II’s beatification draws nearer, some have raised objections concerning the late Pope’s sanctity.  They wonder, for example, how the Pope who reigned during the clergy sex abuse crisis and who supported Fr. Maciel, the corrupt founder of the Legionaries of Christ, could possibly be honored as blessed… read more

Featured Resource


Seeking Christ aims to solve the problem parishes face when people inquire about the Catholic Church, but the parish has no way to begin receiving them. Seeking Christ includes eight sessions that can be used in a variety of ways to welcome and engage people who are inquiring about becoming Catholics.

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