Summer 2010


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Summer 2010

We are well into summer when many are taking a break from activities and work. Yet, there can be no break in moving forward with our evangelizing mission. In this issue Maggie Gutierrez shows how a visit from the plumber can be an evangelizing moment, and Frank Mercadante helps us to see how we can be a visible presence of Christ in any kind of encounter. Even if our “official” parish activities have slowed down for the summer, our daily encounters provide many opportunities to witness the faith and to invite others to take a look, even in the midst of vacations and play.

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Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Moving From Evangelizing to Immanuelizing (Frank Mercadante)

After years of speaking, writing, and personally practicing evangelization, I am moving on. I’ve come to the conclusion that evangelization doesn’t work any longer in a postmodern age. I have officially retired . . . read more


When my air conditioning system broke a few weeks ago, I looked up the number to schedule an appointment and remembered a very good and honest repair man who had fixed my furnace a couple of years ago. “He is Hispanic so I’ll make the point to ask him about his faith . . . read more

Is Conversion a Goal? (Frank DeSiano, CSP)

I have often thought that some evangelical approaches to evangelization are too focused on the experience of conversion. Indeed, I have found it paradoxical that . . . read more

16 Ways to Share Faith across Generations (Therese Boucher)

Got Jesus? Got faith? Got children, grandchildren, relatives and friends who no longer go to church? DID YOU KNOW: Your feelings about empty family pews are a call to prayer? . . . read more

Touching Our Loved Ones Inside the Body of Christ (reprint, Ronald Rolheiser, OMI)

Twenty-eight years ago, when I first began writing this column, I wrote a piece that I entitled Binding and Loosing inside the Body of Christ. Among all the things I’ve ever written, I have probably received the most feedback on this. . . read more

Handout: Go and Make Disciples, Why Aren’t We There Yet?

With this 3-page handout, John Boucher provides an activity and reflection questions for faith-sharing to help us move forward in implementing the goals of the U.S. bishops’ document on evangelization…Download the handout.

Featured Resource

Seeking Christ. PNCEA’s newest resource provides you with a new way to reach people searching for faith all year round.  This new precatechumenal resource includes a DVD with eight flexible sessions for sharing, an attractive participant booklet that inquirers and seekers can use as a spiritual journal, a guide for session facilitators. and a parish manual on how to integrate this resource into your welcoming activities and the RCIA.  Find out more about this resource or purchase materials

Interpreting Research: In The Impact of Religious Switching and Secularization on the Estimated Size of the U.S. Adult Catholic Population by The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, CARA comments on the 1998 Pew Report that said, “Catholicism has experienced the greatest net losses as a result of affiliation changes.”  CARA notes, however, “As bad as the Catholic losses are, they would have been even worse if the Church was losing its young faithful at the same rate as every other U.S. Protestant denomination.”  Read the full report.

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