September 2010


Dear Friend,

September 2010

With September into full swing and the official end of summer upon us, it seems people’s calendars and responsibilities crank up a notch, maybe many notches for some.  We hope that, whatever occupies your “to do” list, the mission of evangelization remains a priority.  We continue to seek for ways to help you in this mission and to provide practical resources for carrying out this mission

Let us know how we can serve you and the Church.  We always welcome your comments and stories, and the major articles in this issue include a space for you to offer comments. Let us hear from you and consider sending this to a friend. Thank you.

Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor

Trust: Reviewing the Fundamentals by Tom Ryan, CSP

This is the season of the year when in high school and college football we always knew there was going to be a review of the fundamentals of the game like blocking and tackling before we could move to some of the more sophisticated plays and formations. Our relational lives are like that, too… read more

Walking the Distance and the New Evangelization by Magdalena Guttierez

Monsignor Pope called and said: “We are having our last stage of training. Come for dinner at 6:30, prayer at 7:00, and the talk at 7:30. The pray-ers, the walkers and the cookers will be all there…read more

The Gospel in a Secular World by Frank DeSiano, CSP

Charles Taylor, the Montrealer philosopher, has been thinking about secularity for quite a while. His latest book, A Secular Age, has been making its way around rectory bookshelves and religious studies departments… read more

CSO Review of Therese Boucher, July 15, 2010, by Ryan Multer

Catholic Speakers Online for 2010 opened with Therese Boucher speaking on When Families and Children Don’t Go to Church on July 15, 2010. She aimed in her presentation to take a look at the catechetical issues surrounding the phenomenon of the large number of children we teach whose parents don’t go to church… read more

Handout on Amazing Grace: Kinds of Conversion by Therese and John Boucher

John and Therese Boucher speak of conversion in the light of the hymn Amazing Grace; they provide a chart of the different kinds of conversion along with reflections questions for small groups. Download this handout.

Featured Resource

Christmas Pew Cards  Get ready now to welcome visitors and newcomers who will come to your parish during the Christmas season. Pew cards help visitors to connect. They are also available for the Easter season and for Ordinary Time (all-occasion). The template provided allows you to customize the cards with your contact information.

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