May 2010


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May 2010

With many young people graduating this month, we offer some considerations on today’s college students. Recent graduate Ryan Multer tells us what he has heard Catholic college students saying about the church, as a way of showing us what we face in our evangelization efforts with these young people. A ray of hope shines through as Paulist Father Charlie Donahue “responds” and tells us about his efforts in Knoxville, Tennessee, at a secular university. The news clip at the end of his article provides a picture of college students who are excited about their faith. As usual we welcome your comments on these articles and the others in this issue. 
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Fr. Tony Krisak, Editor
I was recently blessed with an amazing trip: I journeyed to Rome for the Easter Triduum and for the Vatican Forum of C.A.L.L., the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, founded by Archbishop José H. Gomez, to be a voice for issues important to the Church and to Latinos in the US . . . read more
Today’s U.S. college students are a unique mix of individuals. Not only are they diverse in terms of background, race, socio-economics, creed, etc., but they come from various parts of the country, and in some cases the world . . . read more
As a Roman Catholic campus minister at a state university here in the US, I find that the challenges and opportunities are very similar to all that Ryan Multer (see above article) mentions, with the added beauty of outreach both to the unchurched as well as the non-Catholic . . . read more and view video clip
For most of the time I’ve been actively involved in the evangelization movement, I have heard one consistent string of thought: we are converting people to Jesus, not to the Church. Conversion is about relationship, not about institution . . . read more
This volume can be an important aid in contemporary thinking about evangelization. Beyond attitudes (we’ve got to stir them up!), and beyond techniques (we’ve got to train them!), this book concentrates…Read more
John Boucher of the Diocese of Trenton, provides reflections on the participation of men in the life of the Church and offers six suggestions about what a parish might do to evangelize more Catholic men.
Terry Modica of Good News Ministries in Tampa Bay offers a 2-page resource with reflections on Catholic evangelizers and a prayer that may be used for commissioning evangelizers.

Featured Resource

Invitation. New Third Edition! Rev. Alfred McBride, O. Praem. Informative and faith-building answers to questions about the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church. Invitation is designed with the adult learner in mind. Popular question-and-answer format makes this learning guide a long-time favorite. 116 pages. 

Announcement: After twelve years of dedicated service to CARA as a research associate, including seven years as the executive director of the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), Sister Mary E. Bendyna, RSM, is stepping down as executive director, effective June 30, 2010. PNCEA offers its gratitude for Sr. Mary’s service and for the opportunities we have had to collaborate in numerous ways.

Challenge: Of the 19 million college students in the U.S., approximately 3.2 million students will be conferred with degrees this spring.  Approximately 42% identify themselves as Catholic.  How will we help them feel welcome and connected to the faith?

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