Reflections on 40 Years of Vital Ministry

“Thank you for 40 years of ministerial presence; providing an evangelizing vision through presentations and resources used to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and back to the church. The ministry of evangelization in the Diocese of Cleveland has been blessed by your presence.”

– Terrie Baldwin
Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Cleveland

Living the Eucharist helped our divergent parish feel connected and operate more as a family.”

– Parishioner, St. Augustine, FL

“…PEM has been the only ‘game in town’ for national level support and resources on evangelization in the United States. Luckily for Catholics who desire to live and share their faith, PEM is also the best there is. One need look no further!”

– Kristina DeNeve, Ph.D
Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization Coordinator, Diocese of Honolulu

“So many times prisons/prisoners are given the second best and those materials that no one else wants. These beautiful Bibles…show the prisoners that they really matter. When they are given them they put their names inside and they cherish them. Your generosity speaks directly to Jesus’ teaching of giving.”

– Deacon Allen H. Prendergast, Volunteer at Johnson Unit Prison

“…A heart to heart encounter if love in receiving a pamphlet, booklet, or newsletter…is an important form of visiting that is a blessing to those of us who are isolated from society…most of the world does not care about us at all. By your love, we have a better chance of leaving prison as men of faith and God.”

– Ronald C. Pylant – Inmate in Livingston, TX

“I look forward to “Let’s Talk” every month.”

– Dana M.B. Anderson, MD, MS,
Inmate at CCWF in California

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