Year of Faith Webinars

During the Year of Faith (2012-2013) Paulist Evangelization Ministries presented this webinar series. Below you can view recordings of selected sessions. Paulist Evangelization Ministries continues to offer regular webinars, to see a list of upcoming webinars, click here.


Fr. Frank DeSiano reports on highlights from his trip to Rome for the Synod on the New Evangelization.


Fr. Frank DeSiano speaks about the way our American culture intersects with people of faith.

Rita Ferrone speaks about Lenten themes and how they can deepen our participation in the Eucharist.


Fr. Frank DeSiano speaks about various meanings of conversion, calling Catholics to ongoing conversion, and inviting seekers to conversion.


Fr. Frank DeSiano, Jim Schellman and Dr. Susan Timoney discuss practical ways to enhance the RCIA process.


Fr. Frank DeSiano reflects on ways to help people pray, and on techniques to raise the level of awareness of Catholics.


Frs. Frank DeSiano and Kenneth Boyack focus on the parish through the lens of the Synod on the New Evangelization and key strategies to enable parishioners to encounter Christ and witness.


Frs. Frank DeSiano and Kenneth Boyack highlight the vital importance of Catholics witnessing in an increasingly secular culture.


Fr. Ronald Witherup, SS reflects on Paul and the significance his thoughts have for Christians today, especially in light of the New Evangelization.


Fr. Frank DeSiano explores the evangelizing dynamics of the Mass by looking at the structure of the Mass as a call to conversion and a response in commitment.